1. Log into Facebook and go to your page from the upper right-most dropdown.

2. Click on “share a photo or video” icon in content widget midway down page.
3. Upload a video.

4. In the lower right of the modal, use the downward pointing arrow dropdown to select “Save as Unpublished.” You’ll have to wait until the progress bar hits 100%.

5. In the tabs at the top, click “Publishing Tools.”
6. Select “Video Library” on the left hand side.
7. Click the list item for a video, then select “Create Post with Video” in the modal that comes up.

8. Select “Save as Unpublished” from the dropdown in the lower right of the modal.

9. Go to posts >> Drafts on the left have side.

10. Click on the list item for your video, then click on the video in the resulting modal.

That’s your unpublished URL link!

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