10/11/2017. Our latest update integrates Instagram creators and media into the Reelio workflow from end to end, from talent curation to media tracking and reporting. We've also vastly improved our talent search capabilities to give brands new ways of finding the perfect influencers.

Instagram Integration

Creators can now add Instagram social channels to their Reelio profile and use them to pitch campaigns and create media. Brands can now create contracts for Instagram media, whether as a single deliverable or as part of a contract with multiple deliverables across potentially multiple social platforms. The familiar, efficient, and scalable Reelio campaign management workflow seamlessly integrates with Instagram media from end to end, from search and talent curation in campaigns and rosters through contracting, media review, and reporting.

Vastly Enhanced Search

Brands can now search for talent in more sophisticated ways than ever. In addition to the familiar YouTube and Facebook searches, brands now have access to the new Cross Platform search which works across YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram at once. Powerful new filter options enable brands to find the specific creators who match campaign goals.

Easier Creator Recruiting

When searching for creators using our new cross platform search tool, brands can filter down to creators for which Reelio has contact email addresses. When inviting off-platform creators to a campaign, Reelio supplies the email address for the initial communication. 

We also released dozens of bug fixes and usability improvements.

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