Our latest platform update makes multimedia agreements easier across two major social platforms.

Send Cross-Platform Contracts

You can now send contracts for multiple deliverables across both YouTube and Facebook within the platform. For example, you can request a YouTube video and Facebook post within the same contract, opening up possibilities for cross-platform promotion of video content or packaged deals of multiple videos.

Cross-Platform Search 

We’ve improved our search! You can now search for influencers across both YouTube and Facebook using Reelio’s on-platform search tools. The cross-platform search is fully integrated with Reelio’s roster and campaign tools, so organizing creators is as easy - and better - than it was before.

More Tool Tips Added

Get more context on our platform. We’ve added more tooltips to make our features even more intuitive than before. 

Retrieve Data About Influencers’ Facebook Posts

Brand users can now connect their Facebook pages on their brand settings page to Reelio via Facebook’s OAuth process. The brand’s Facebook page must be associated with their brand on Reelio to collect data on their influencers’ Facebook posts.

More Creator Filters During Workflow

Creators in a campaign can now be filtered by those which have published content and those which have been declined & removed, making it easier to manage a large number of influencers in a campaign.

That’s all for now! Be on the lookout for more updates to come. 

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