What is a Discovery package?

The Discovery Packages are designed to ensure your first campaign with Reelio is highly successful. For 3 months, you not only get access to the Reelio platform, but also a influencer marketing specialist who will hand curate influencers for you based on your brand’s goals, and, for those you approve, assist with the outreach and negotiation required to onboard them to your campaign. 

With regards to content, you can expect a post on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook from each contracted influencer. 

Figuring out which package is right for you comes down to how much content and reach you’d like influencers to help you to generate. 

How does pricing work?

3 month discovery packages include discounted platform pricing as well as account strategy and support. 

Everything you need to discover what’s great about influencer marketing. You not only get influencers curated for you but you also get help with the creative brief, outreach, recommended pricing, and contracting. 

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