What are your desired video concepts and creative direction?  Are there any required product integration specifics? 

Call to action

Your call to action is the crux of any marketing campaign.

  • Should Creators direct their viewers to a specific website, to sign up for a mailing list, receive coupons, or take some other specific action? 
  • Will you provide a discount code or other coupon offer? Remember that Reelio can automatically generate unique tracking links for Creators to include with their video so you can track how many clicks your sponsored videos are earning.

Important talking points

What are the relevant talking points or product details that Creators should reference in their video? What topics, language, or phrases should Creators avoid completely (e.g., for regulatory or competitive reasons)?

Helpful tips:

  • Avoid requesting the creator to include your brand’s name in a YouTube video title. Our data has shown that including the brand’s name in the title can hurt viewership numbers.
  • Let Creators phrase talking points in their own words. After all, it’s their voice and rapport with their audience you’re trying to leverage. 
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