Reelio Recommends helps brand users ballpark the cost of working with a creator based on the expected performance of that creator's social channel. Pricing when doing influencer marketing is complicated and can seem daunting for new brands - let's talk about how Reelio Recommends can help and how to use it well.

After working with many creators ourselves in our managed services campaigns and seeing many more executed on our platform, Reelio has collected a lot of information on how much influencer marketing costs. Especially for brands new to influencer marketing, it can seem like the wild west and prices can seem all over the place. Reelio Recommends suggests a place to start the conversation based on the size of the creator’s audience and our understanding of market rates. Obviously, there are a lot of factors which can impact price more significantly than our algorithm takes into account to give you a general benchmark - these include the creator’s content vertical, type of integration, quality / thoroughness of integration, quality of media created, discounts for bulk deals, additional perks, etc.

For pricing more tuned to specific partnerships, our Reelio Account Manager Services can leverage the experience of our in-house account managers and pricing tools to provide recommendations for individual contracts and campaigns. Contact your platform services manager for more information.

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