In order to white label creator slides to share within your organization or to your client follow the steps outlined below. 


  1. Make your template slide in Google Sheets. Feel free to make a copy of our example and use it as a starting point. (e.g.
  2. Use the following keywords in your template slide and Reelio will replace with the proper data.
  3. Image - This is the image of the creator. The image must be a “shape” in google sheets (object type shape, insert >> shape). After you’ve created the shape, replace it with an image. 
  4. Tier # - This is how big the creator is based on followers across platforms 
  5. Tag1/Tag2 - This is the category or vertical of the creator (i.e beauty, makeup, video games) 
  6. Title - The name of the creator
  7. Description - This is the creator description from their YouTube channel
  8. YTStats - The number of YouTube Subscribers 
  9. IGStats - Instagram Followers
  10. FBStats - Facebook Followers
  11. TwStats - Twitter Followers
  12. genderStats - The percentage audience share of the most prevalent gender
  13. After you’ve created your template using the keywords above make your template viewable to the public.
  14. Next, send your Reelio Account Manager your slide ID. 
  15. The slide ID is the portion of the URL between "/d/" and "/edit" when viewing your slides. So in the case, the slide ID is: "1rg5oc18lWGmD2u_vdqhhKH2iwjpR2DCR3_GxTYYo6tU"
  16. Once your template has been loaded, Reelio will let you know! 

Once your template has been loaded to Reelio follow these steps to create your influencer white labeled slides. 

1. Go to ‘creators’ in the navigation bar and then select ‘rosters’. 

2. Click on the roster you would like to export into white labeled slides.

3. Select the creators you would like to export into white labeled slides.

4. Click on the three dots to the right hand side of the screen. 

5. Select “create slides”.

6. After you select “create slides” you’ll be promoted to authenticate with Google docs. Once you do that your slides will load in a new tab! 

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